Monday, November 24, 2014

Black Friday Savings!

Start your holiday shopping on the right track!  Visit Ashcombe for Black Friday savings!  The first 50 customers will receive a FREE muffin and coffee!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

It's Poinsettia Time!

Hard to believe, but the holidays are fast approaching and it's time to sing our praises to this beautiful Christmas favorite!

This traditional holiday plant was brought to this country by the US Minister to Mexico, Joel Poinsett, in 1835.  He returned to South Carolina with cuttings of this pretty Mexican wildflower.  
It still bears his name.  Much plant breeding has produced the superior plants we grow today.

The POINSETTIA is a member of the family EUPHORBIACEA, which also includes many succulent plants such as the "Crown of Thorns."

The colored petals which we so often call the 'flower' are actually only bracts.  The true flower is the yellow part in the center of the bracts called the cyathia.  Poinsettias are not poisonous 
to people or animals.

LIGHT: Poinsettias prefer bright, filtered light, in a spot free from drafts and extreme heat.  The life of the plant can be extended if you leave  a small light burning at night, however, most of the new hybrids are colorful well into the winter.

WATERING:  Let the plant semi-dry between thorough waterings.  Drain off excess water.  
Be sure to remove water from foil wrappers when bringing them home.  Average home humidity levels are fine.  

FERTILIZING:  No feeding is necessary while plants are blooming. 

TEMPERATURE:  Ideal temperature is 65-70°F. during the day; 60°F. at night.  Normal home temperatures are generally adequate, provided the plant is not placed on top of a TV (the set is too hot when in use).

To grow your plant over summer and to bloom next holiday, keep it growing and cut back in May.  Each time the plant grows about 4 inches, cut half of the new growth off.  Water lightly and feed once a month.  You may place the plant outside in summer, keeping it pruned back, and re-potting only if necessary.  Cut back new shoots early in August, leaving 3-4 leaves per stem.  Bring plant inside in September before temperatures become chilly at night, and put in a bright sunny window.  From late September until the end of October (flower buds should be set), the plant MUST receive 14 hours total darkness at night.  Even a little bit of light during this crucial time will set the plant's flowering back.  Use a dark closet, or a dark unused room with curtains drawn closed to block out any street lights.  Then bring the poinsettia out and continue growing it as before.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Holiday Open House on Saturday!

Time flies!  It is time for our annual Holiday Open House this Saturday!  We have a wonderful line up of guests this year and vendors offering their crafts and hand made items for sale.  Join us on Saturday between 9 and 4 for these great vendors, events, trains, displays, food and more!

ADAMS COUNTY WINERYSamples available, wine and gift certificates for sale

THE NATIONAL RAILWAY HISTORICAL SOCIETY Share train history, trivia and information and  see a 14’x10’ historical model railroad.  9-4

THE STATION  10-4.  Share train history and information with members of this New Cumberland based organization.

Vegetable & Fruit  Garnishing  with caterer Ed Byrem.  9-4

Artistic Expressions In Photography by Joann  Black and white photographs of nature.

SHADOWBERRY FARM ALPACAS  Hand knit, crocheted
and handwoven items, felted hats & purses, hand dyed yarn.

JEWELRY BY JILL  9-4  Felted wool flowers, zipper flowers, watch part pins.

PAISLEY BY BRENDA  9-4  Crocheted apparel - mostly hats.

HART-SO-BIG ALPACA FARM WITH BARB  9-4  Alpaca clothing, hats, gloves, scarves, socks, hand made knitted items and dryer balls.

Gourd Christmas ornaments, gourd bowls and bird houses.  Wood carved Christmas ornaments.

CHILDREN’S CRAFT  Make a bird seed ornament.  FREE

GARDEN TO GOURMET WITH VEGGIECATION® WITH MELISSA  “Cucumber Wreaths” with fresh veggies.

PLANET FITNESS  Will be here - stop by and learn about
their fitness programs.

UPCYCLED CRAFTS BY NATALIE  Hand crafted jewelry & artisan made home decor.

We will also have beautiful 'theme' displays.  Check these out for great decorating ideas!

And remember...our floral designer can make the perfect accents for your home!
Classic Christmas
Traditional red and green holiday charm featuring snowmen and Santa Claus.

Rustic WildernessThe look of the natural forest with rock garland, birch logs and burlap accents.

Frozen WoodsTeal and brown accents centered around lit birch trees and owls.

The Call Of The CardinalRed and white and all things cardinals!

Pop Of Pink
Not your traditional color palette for Christmas but stunning all the same.

Decorating ideas for your front door, mail box, mantle and holiday table.

Visit us on Friday, November 14th for a Holiday Open House preview from 

5-8.  Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

There is still time to plant!




Put some 'pizzazz' in your fall garden!

Pansies are hardy, or cold-tolerant annuals.  They can survive cold snaps, even snow, with little damage except to the open blossoms.  They can be planted in the fall and will winter over for excellent spring color.  

Ornamental Cabbage & Kale offer great fall color for the garden and really stand up to frost!