Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Beautify Your Patio or Garden!

Does your garden or patio need a boost? Our greenhouses, nursery and courtyard are still stocked full with fresh, beautiful plants - ready to brighten and area with an instant splash of color.

Help your garden to survive this exhausting heat spell we are having...

1. Water sparingly, but also when the ground is best able to absorb the most moisture. Watering is best done in the early morning hours or in the late afternoon. When watering during the heat of the day, evaporation will steal much of the water.

2. If you mulched your garden this spring, this ground cover will help to hold in moisture until the rain comes.

3. If you have a large area to water, trickle irrigation puts the water right where it's needed...at the root of the plant. This saves much water and is also labor efficient. You can make your own trickle irrigation system by using old plastic gallon jugs and punching holes in them. Soaker hoses also work well. Be creative and your garden will flourish.