Wednesday, March 27, 2013

NEW - Baby Greens At Ashcombe!

Our new venture with lettuce, spinach, beets and more


While it is soon time to plant your lettuce and spring vegetables outside it will be a few weeks before you can begin harvesting. Here at Ashcombe we have these tender vegies growing in our greenhouse and are harvesting, lettuce and spinach. There are a half a dozen kinds of lettuce that can be used in your tossed salads and found in our food department daily. We are planting micro-greens such as Sunflower Sprouts which are very nutritious as a super form of protein. Our logo years ago was ‘Always Something Grow On’ and we continue to look for the things that enrich your life and ours and focus on such.

If you’re planning to grow your own early spring vegetables remember to get them in in early to mid- April and make a couple plantings until May 1st. This way you can have a longer harvest season. We grow ten varieties of lettuce plants for your garden and five varieties of cabbage. It is best to not plant lettuce after early to mid-May or it may be scorched by the heat of June weather.  

The same applies to peas and sugar peas which thrive in the cool weather of early spring and give you the tasty nutritious vegetables you won’t find in the grocery store.  Be sure to plant your seed potatoes during April if you can and get them going before the weather turns hot.  There are other vegies you can grow at this time of year and are best planted soon such as onions from sets, beets and carrots from seed, spinach and endive and Swiss Chard are nice ones for your garden or plot. Use a raised bed.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Spring is finally just around the corner...the days are getting longer and warmer and we all have the itch to get growing in our gardens!  Let Ashcombe help with your seasonal ventures this year.  On Saturday, March 16th and Saturday, March 23rd we will be having our annual Spring Open House with lots of special events, guests, displays and great springtime fun!
Check out what will be happening this weekend...