Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fall Is For Planting

Can you believe Autumn is on its way?  Mums, Kale and Pansies make a big splash in the fall garden and are ready now for planting.  These selections offer a great way to spruce up dull, overgrown areas of your garden and will extend your flowering season another month or two.  


are lovely, semi-hardy perennials that bring color to the late summer garden.  Here are a few tips to help insure growing  success.

  Plant early to establish good roots.  Plant garden mums in a spot where they get full sun, in peat moss, per

lite, or organic matter (humus, leaf mold, manures will help to loosen it.)

Plant mums 24 inches apart or more.  You will be surprised at how much growth they put on the second year.  Keep moist throughout the fall so they do not suffer stress and can get well established before winter arrives.

At the holidays, cut the branches off your Christmas tree when you are done with it.  Lay them across the mums about two layers thick.  If you don’t have a tree, many tree lots will give you trees after the holidays free of charge.  A layer of straw can be used if it is not applied too heavily.  The idea is to keep the mums at an even, cold temperature.  Cold doesn’t usually kill mums, heaving from the frost does.  Leave your mums covered until mid March, or about when the crocus bloom.

Ornamental Kale makes a beautiful display in the fall garden.  

Planted in rows, grouped or dotted through the garden, it definitely offers an attraction to talk about.

Another Fall favorite are Pansies.  These colorful beauties add a brilliant splash to the fall garden!  Many times when pansies are planted in the fall, they will come up again in the spring for early season color.